Sunday, September 18, 2011

One short day... in the Emerald City

One short day.
What would you do if you had only 24 more hours to live?
You might give pause to that question…
So go ahead… Really, what would you do?

Family. Friends. Cookouts. Heartfelt words. Memories.
All they the things that really matter the most?

I would venture to guess that there are some things that suddenly become very significant and others would pale in comparison.

Would money matter? I think if I brought up a tax question I might get laughed at. But forgiving a debtor would make a difference.

Would possessions matter? I think if I asked everyone at my cookout to pool their money to buy me the latest iPod, it wouldn’t be quite the same. But if I gave away all of my possessions to those who needed it most, it would make a difference.

Would I still worry about the way I looked for my casket photos?
Would I still want a nicer car?
Would I still want a house with a big yard?
Would I still worry about putting more time in at work?
Would I indulge myself in what I wanted?
Would I choose to carry hurts and grudges?

I think I would want to spend my last 24 hours giving every last bit of myself to every last person who needs it. Yes, I would surround myself with the people who mattered most to me, but I would spend the time pouring every last drop of love out of me and into those around me.

Here is the real point. I think the reason we would live our last 24 hours differently (than if we didn’t know) is because we suddenly would realize that it is not our time.

The truth is that we are all living on time that isn’t ours to begin with!

So perhaps I should dedicate more of “my” time to the Person who it actually belongs to.

Perhaps I could change my commute to/from work to our commute to/from work.
Perhaps I could change my quiet time to our quiet time.
Perhaps I could change gathering my thoughts to gathering our thoughts.
Perhaps I could change “I could change” to “we could change.”

If I truly want my life to be about my time with God, then I should probably start before I get some fictitious announcement of my 24-hour doom countdown. Besides, 24 hours isn’t enough time to accomplish what I believe God wants to do through me. :)

P.S. Yes, that is two Wizard of Oz references in 24 hours. Oh my!

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