Friday, October 21, 2011

Together We Will Go Far

So Staci and I and two very dear friends went today to watch the movie Courageous. Yes it had a slightly below-par acting at times and some lines that made me embarrasses to be associated with church, but I thought it had a great message regarding manhood and fatherhood. I am sure more thoughts will come out of that on another day.

One word to describe me right now; tired.

But there are worse things than that. It was a wonderful 36 hours. Why do we come back from vacations more tired than when we left? I think that’s why a friend of mine takes occasional “stay-cations”.

I have no deep thoughts today. I am finishing Madea’s Family Reunion and then watching Kitchen Nightmares before I go to sleep.

I struggle with taking time for myself. I know any human needs it, but I would rather not waste my few years on earth focusing on myself. I would rather focus on others.

Again, if I love until it hurts then there can be no more hurt, only love. I think that’s how Mama T said it.

As the McDonalds commercial says, “The simple joy of a sweet connection.”

My only problem with that is that it is a great joy found in a sweet connection. I love the wide variety of people in my life. I love them for their differences and I love them for their similarities. At the end of the day, they are just people. But I love them.

I love the people in my life.

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