Monday, October 17, 2011

Gasping for air

I have been on this miniature journey through my soul recently that has led to this point; I want to learn how to need God. Rather, I want to learn how to know that I need God.

We all know what happens when we stop breathing. But I want to learn how to need God more than air.

I have always struggled with needing God. To be honest, it doesn’t take much to tell ourselves that we can be just fine without God.

It’s true. We will be just fine. But I want more.

I want greatness. I want meaning. I want to live a life that the world will mourn when its time is over. I don’t want to be just fine.

Not for my sake… but for others.

But what I am coming to learn is that great significance will never be achieved until I learn how desperately I need God.

And I mean that. I want to know how badly I need Him. More than air? Come on….

But that is my quest.

See the thing is that if I don’t need Him more than air, then I don’t really need Him that much. But if I do need Him that bad, then I need to figure out how to fill that need.

But first things first, how badly do I need Him?


  1. You have to watch this video. Talk about grasping for air.

  2. I mean the message is very applicable (not so much the video). You can substitute "success" with "God". How badly do you wan't him, more than air? Great writing Andy.