Monday, October 24, 2011

Puh Puh Puh Peachy

My day was filled to the brim with frustration. Frustrate- to make efforts pointless, worthless or nullified.

So what do you think caused me to feel so frustrated today? It doesn’t matter! I don’t know why I asked then…

I was crabby because I felt like I was putting so much effort and extending grace (it was just self-righteousness apparently). I mean, why don’t they ever just see how much I am doing and appreciate it? Yeah, I can be a real peach sometimes.

Okay so here is the thing. Isn’t it funny how one bad thing can completely take over our mental atmosphere so that everything we see is tinted? And yet we have 10,000 good things in our day that we don’t even notice.

I think if I were the Giver of those gifts, I might feel frustrated.

I don’t mean for this to be a “count your blessings” blog… but, instead, a reality check.

So, in all reality, what does life look like?

Can frustration even match up with sunlight? Or trees? Or beaches? Or snow? Or pie? Or giraffes?

What is given to you throughout the day? What is given to you?

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