Sunday, November 20, 2011

I am not clever

Okay, so I just went off on this 15 minute storytelling thing that morphed into a rant. Weird. I know. I was shouting!! Then I got home and started writing this really spicy blog post about all the garbage going through my mind right now.

Apparently it is time for me to calm down. I mean, I was actually called feisty today. Twice.


So my challenge is to figure out how to channel all of the ridiculous amount of frustration and life garbage fragments into something that is actually productive.

I think this is another “I don’t know” posts.

See here is the thing. I am in the middle of working 10 out of 11 days. It’s a pretty crazy stretch. That’s fine. I am glad to be working. The problem occurs when my brain starts to misfire and malfunction from lack of normal human interaction. If I am this strange with 4 days left… I want to be able to make something of this stretch rather than just survive and complain it away.

I am pretty sure this is just a complaint post. There is nothing productive that my brain can produce. It can only focus on the American Music Awards which is playing beyond the top part of my computer screen.

Ill stop pretending I have answers and just ask for your help.

Ideas about how to make the best out of a crappy situation?


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  1. Hey Andy, I'm no expert on the matter either and I often find myself in the same place. I'm by no means good at doing this myself, but maybe try using this crazy time to practice/learn how to focus on something constant (God) while life is spinning like crazy. Its like when you try to balance on one foot and if you look at something moving or far away or shift your focus across multiple thing you start to waver or fall (unless your balance is just awesome and well that would just ruin my analogy) but if you focus on something close, like a single blade of grass its so much easier. (God = single blade of grass in this analogy, incase that wasnt clear) but you I know thats much harder to implement than to say and im rarely ever successful in that, so let me know if you figure out a good way to do that.